The CaBin

The Chestnut Cabin is a beautiful family run cabin on our farm in the heart of a Welsh Valley. If you would like to retreat to a secluded, romantic little corner of Wales then our cabin is perfect.  The cabin has two bed rooms, a bathroom, lounge and a kitchen dining room, all practical amenities to make your stay comfortable and unforgettable.  

Things Indoors

We don't offer a television or 4G WIFI (you can get 3G mobile signal, don't panic). We believe in a good holiday where you can put your phone down and your feet up.  Where you can open a bottle of wine and light a warm fire.  You can play unique board games you've never seen before, do some home cooking, bake a cake and maybe learn a new thing or two about each other...



Things Outdoors

We believe in free range people, so get out your wellies, boots, flip flops - whatever your days' adventure needs and start exploring.  We also think that everyone needs a hot tub in their garden while away from home... so whatever the weather its waiting for you! Don't forget about the pizza oven & croquet set, really its just the makings of a perfect day.