things to do

In West Wales winter doesn't hold anyone back, there is plenty to do (and for those booking for spring and summer... this list applies its just a little warmer).

Family Fun

Places we recommend and our grandchildren cannot stay away too long from are Folly Farm, there are diggers and tractors as well as lions (our grandson far prefers the diggers).  Blue Lagoon water park and for the very adventurous there is the original blue lagoon in north pembrokeshire where you can coasteer around the coastline and end up with some dare devil (but safe) jumps.  Xcel bowl in Carmarthen for a rainy day or the creative cafe in Narbeth for those creative young minds.

Places to visit

Laugaurne is where Dylan Thomas has his boat house, a lovely cafe and museum.  There are incredible castles all over the peninsula.  We would recommend a visit to Cardigan and Narberth if shopping local with independent retailers is your cup of tea.  Tenby and Saundersfoot are busy but there is a reason thats the case!

The National Botanical gardens in Wales are a special place to go (and you can pop to Wrights for lunch.. )

National Trust

We love the national trust and there are plenty of properties and places to visit, members of not... Drwslyn Castle to see deer and experience some beautiful walks, Colby Woodland Gardens if you would like the rare and stunning opportunity  to combine forest walk and beach and then the famous and stunningly beautiful Barafundle bay - a magical beach and one of our favourites.


We feel like there are more and more places to eat spectacular food in West Wales.  For some good, close by, hearty pub grub with a dog friendly bar head to the Fox and Hounds.  For something bit special Y Polyn is the place to go.  The Warren or Wrights food emporium are also a treat.  

Useful Links

Both Carmarthenshire and Pembrokeshire have great websites: